Quai dOrsay is a current brand that was established in 1973 and commercially available from 1974. The impetus for the brand came from the French Economy and Finance minister (and later President) Valéry Giscard, who proposed a cigar with a light flavour to pair with French products like champagne and foie gras. This eventually led to the French tobacco monopoly (SEITA) approaching Cubatabaco with the concept. The brand gets its name from the street (and quay) in Paris where SEITA’s headquarters was located. For most of its existence, the brand was the quintessential example of a “local” marque, focused almost entirely on the French market. This changed somewhat in 2005, when production volumes and worldwide availability were increased. In 2017 the brand underwent a refresh, with new band and box designs, and new cigars added to the line. It is classified in Habanos S.A.’s “Other” category of portfolio brands. The Quai d’Orsay range comprises light strength cigars using tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region.

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