La Escepcion Don Jose 2015 – Box of 25


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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Full
Lenght: 127mm
Vitola de galera: Hermosos No. 4
Ring: 48
Presentation: Lid box of 25 cuban cigars
La Escepcion Don Jose 2015 – Box of 25
2011 saw the restrictive shipment of Cuban cigars to Italy. Diadema Spa convinced Habanos to bring back La Escepción, a brand that had been dormant for the better part of a century. With the incredible Regional Edition: Selectos Finos, they achieved this.
Overall, stogie lovers were pleased to learn.
2015 saw Habanos SA announce that the La Escepción band would be worn by the Regional Edition chosen for Italy.
once more, but in a different arrangement known as La Escepción Don José.
The Hermoso No. 4 size is an excellent vitola in which the Don Jose is delivered.
It is fundamentally identical to a Robusto and has a 127mm length and 48mm ring size. La Escepcion Don Jose 2015 – Box of 25
4,000 packs of 25 cigars each make up this Italian Regional Edition.
Evidently, only a few of them are still available for purchase.
A really intriguing Cuban cigar with enormous aging potential and profit margins that are equally astounding. La Escepcion Don Jose 2015
Don José’s covering is delicate. However, it has some surface to it, making me hesitant to call it smooth.
Only a tiny bit of giving is present, but the stogie is still more firm than not.
The stogie has an incredibly delicate cinnamon scent that carries to my nose. With a hint of vanilla and roughage, more.

2 reviews for La Escepcion Don Jose 2015 – Box of 25

  1. Alex

    The cold draw however, has a very interesting bubblegum sweetness to it..great cigar but not my favourite

  2. Quincy

    We keep hearing about how bad Cuban tobacco crops have been lately, but there’s no evidence of that here.what a perfect cigar

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