El Rey del Mundo Cigar La Reina 2018 – Box of 24


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Origin Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Light to Medium
Length: 192 mm
Vitola de galera: Laguito No. 1
Ring: 38
Presentation: Boite nature box of 24 cigars



El Rey del Mundo Cigar La Reina 2018

Firstly It is the latest created exclusively for the UK.

Secondly Handmade in a Laguito No. 1 vitola, La Reina measures 192 mm in length by a ring gauge of 38,

a long and slim smoke packed with plenty of deep and well-balanced aromas.

However this size was invented by Eduardo Rivera and was the first to be gifted to president Fidel Castro back in 1963,

almost two decades before being commercially introduced with the Cohiba Lanceros.

The El Rey del Mundo Cigar La Reina 2018 is manufactured at the El Laguito factory,

Every one of these elegant light-to-medium cigars is produced by just two cigar rollers working in the El Laguito factory,

and this is a much anticipated UK Regional Edition cigar.

El Laguito is home to Cohiba and the birthplace of the Laguito No.1 size.

El Rey del Mundo Cigar La Reina 2018

This is a cigar that demands to be sipped rather than gulped and will reward the patient smoker with layer upon layer of subtle and nuanced smoke laced with cream and with an underlying sweetness.

An upcoming Edición Regional for the United Kingdom will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

A total of 24 Cuban Cigars are present in three layers of 8 inside a beautiful boite nature box.


3 reviews for El Rey del Mundo Cigar La Reina 2018 – Box of 24

  1. Fozo j

    This is a cigar that should be savoured and enjoyed slowly to fully appreciate its beautiful complex flavours..great service guys

  2. Roy

    This cigars are more likely to face ‘plug’ issues. Due to the sweet and light aromas, the La Reina Cigar is ideal as a morning smoke . i loved it

  3. Josh

    M y Dad’s all time favourite cigar..His Dad’s favourite and mines now too

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